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How we started

Antikythera FlyReb was born from an idea of ​​wanting to combine the possible functions that enthusiasts of flying, diving or travelers can find useful in an analog instrument and on the wrist ... at hand. To help in those calculations that are used to plan a flight or a dive and also be a good travel companion as well as inform us of the correct conversion of a local foreign currency. In addition to these not small details, the FlyReb model manages a second time zone, is a chronograph and the external bezel has the countdown function. Here is the birth of a diving watch, an aeronautical or travel watch
This is certainly an object that in addition to being a tool is like having a sign of recognition of a particular lifestyle.
Wearing ANTIKYTHERAWATCHES FLYREB, an object with a unique and unmistakable design, therefore means letting the wearer recognize how they like to live the adventure of life.
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