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Martin Klein

Martin Klein (radio host)

Martin Klein ( Desenzano del Garda , April 8, 1970 ) is an Italian vocalist, speaker and radio personality.

At the age of 16 he leaves Italy to move to London where he works and studies, in the meantime he manages to carry on what is his greatest passion: music.

Back in Italy he took his first steps in the world of radio in 1987, working at Radio Studio Più, a radio station based on Lake Garda where he remained until 2012.

He conducts several programs including Radio Studio Più's La Carovana together with his colleague Paolino.

In those years he worked around Italy and Europe as a vocalist, speaker and entertainer.

In 2012, together with Paolino he arrives at Radio 105, where he leads first on the weekend, then in the Night Express and finally from 2020 the 13 PM program broadcast every day from Monday to Friday from 13 to 14.

Passionate about scuba diving, he reaches the certification of diver with international patent. To date (August 2020) he has recorded just under 600 dives in his log book.

At 105 he arrives aboard the legendary Caravan. And once you cross the threshold of via Turati, and turn on the live microphones, it is immediately magic. Thanks to an audience increasingly greedy for energy and good humor, the army of loyalists of Radio 105, and of course thanks to Paolino and Martin, exuberant and hilarious as in the best tradition of 105, and inseparable from the night they realize, against every prediction, not to hate each other at all. But who are they really?

“During the day I sleep”. This, Paolino's partner, likes to say about himself. Because when we say Martin we mean insomnia. The insomnia that takes hold of him, when, still very young, he is divided between the mess on the radio and the nights in the disco. The common denominator of his passions? Music, a real obsession, to the point that he never leaves the house without first putting on a nice pair of powerful headphones connected to his 500GB MP3 player. But there is more. There are extreme sports, adventure, tattoos and big challenges. And there is the dedication to the “demon of speed”, which Martin worships by racing on two wheels until the day he breaks his bones, and which he still honors today as the official “tester” of Superbike Italy.

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