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Antikythera FlyReb was born from an idea of wanting to combine the possible functions that enthusiasts of flying, diving or travelers can find useful in an analog instrument and on the wrist ... at hand. To help in those calculations that are used to plan a flight or a dive and also be a good travel companion as well as inform us of the correct conversion of a local foreign currency. In addition to these not small details, it manages a second time zone, it is a chronograph and the external bezel has the countdown function. Here is the birth of a diving watch, an aeronautical or travel watch

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Here is a list of the characteristics that distinguish FLYREB watches and often also a reason for choice:

- Chronograph

- Second time (GMT)

- Underwater / aeronautical slide rule

- Anti-reflective sapphire crystal

- Screw-down crown and screw-down chrono pushers

- Pressure resistance 30 ATM / 300 meters

- Screw-down case back

- External ring (bezel) in relief

- Countdown calculation

1 model and 3 lines of use

# 1 Mod. Take Off designed for aeronautical use with chrono eyelets in evidence to have better control of the minutes.

# 2 Mod. Scubateck designed for underwater use,

# 3 Mod. Military dedicated to intense use, anti-scratch in PVD and anti-reflective specific for the military

The REGOLO for this kind of calculation has “standard” references of enriched mixture
of oxygen (Nitrox 32% - 36% - 40% and 50%) and these references are recognizable by their
YELLOW color that highlights them from the black or RED color background on a white background. The premise is that the use of this rule is advisable as a possible purpose to check or review the planning already verified in the calculations. Due to the size of the ruler, reduced to include it in the clock, reading errors may occur. This is why it is suggested to use the slide rule only as a secondary control or back-up tool. The numerical values must be considered as absolute pressure values and therefore in BAR as indicated in the outer ring next to the number “60”. These values will have to be converted into meters by subtracting 1 atmosphere. If the resulting number is 35, it means that the value to be read will be 3.5 BAR absolute pressure and from here remove 1 BAR as
earth pressure = 2.5 BAR equivalent to 25 meters

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