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Davide Lombroso

Italian champion of underwater photography

Born in Milan in 1965, but adopted in Liguria where I moved when I was 8. I started diving with the ENFAP professional course of the Liguria region in 1984/85, worked for 3 years as a professional diver in shallow water, in the meantime became a FIPSAS and PADI instructor. In 1987 the turning point, I left for the Maldives as a diving guide for the legendary Holiday Club where I stayed for over 3 years. Here the passion for underwater photography began ...

.... I already had the one for the external photo, with the legendary Nikonos III, the 15mm and the extension tubes. From there it was all an escalation with the equipment and the various activities. I started the underwater hunt today Safari, in 1996 with Nikon FM in Nimar custody, for fun with my diving friends from Savona.
The first Italian Championship comes in a nice 6th place. In 1997 the great satisfactions begin, Italian individual hunting and underwater champion in Isola delle Femmine Palermo, 1998 in Puglia unfortunately due to the bad organization we have sabotaged all the championships in agreement even if according to many I had the most beautiful photos. 1999 and 2000 still individual Italian champion and second in team with Nikon F801S and Igloo case, on the Island of Elba and Sicily again. 2001 international trophy of Asinara, 2002 trophy meeting with national teams in Puglia. From 2003 and 2004 the third individual Italian hunting and underwater championships. From 2005 to 2008 I stopped with the activity for work commitments but I participated as a juror in some championships. In 2009 I moved to Trieste and immediately a joy, first at the Ventotene sea games. In 2018 I won the Smorti Trophy in Punta Ala and again SafariFotosub Italian Individual Champion in Sorrento. In 2019 the great satisfaction, at the first experience in competitive Fotosub I win the title of Italian Champion Fotosub Category Reflex in Portoferraio Elba Island. To date I have fun and compete in the Photography and Safari championship. I have traveled the world for work and for fun photographing almost all the seas of the world. The passion has remained unchanged. To date I photograph with Nikon D500 and various lenses. I compete for Ci.Ca.Sub Seatram Bogliasco and I am part of the Mares Team. I am technically supported by Isotecnic for photographic and flash cases and by Mares for diving clothing

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