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Shark Handling

Cristina has been diving with sharks for the past twenty-three years. His knowledge in this specific field has been used by scientists, filmmakers and people interested in learning about these fascinating marine animals, the world they live in and not least, how to protect them.

Cristina Zenato - Antikythera Watch Ambassador

zenato ambassador sharke cave.jpg

Cristina is world famous for her work with sharks in the wild. He is said to have a natural gift with sharks. Some people say that she speaks a sixth language known as "Shark". Practicing a specialized technique, she is the first woman in the world to induce a state of relaxation (referred to by some as Tonic Immobility) in the Caribbean Reef Sharks with a gentle touch. To the observer, it looks like a shark falls asleep right on his lap.

Her ability to work with different types of sharks in this way has allowed her to study sharks up close without stressing the animals. In fact, the sharks in her home in the Bahamas almost seem to know her for her gentle spirit and warm touch. During special dives, under his supervision, guests are encouraged to feel the shark's skin while in this calm state. This in turn offers underwater visitors a chance to dissolve any misconceptions or preconceptions they may have had about shark behavior. It also teaches interested divers how to connect with Caribbean reef sharks, hoping to bring people closer to understanding the secret world of these creatures.

He further developed his practice of inducing a relaxed state in sharks, using it to remove hooks from shark mouths and to remove parasites. It also helps scientists collect data to support research. Cristina developed a distinctive specialty for Caribbean shark awareness and initiated a campaign that resulted in the complete protection of all shark species in the Bahamas.

He learned how to feed sharks from his mentor, the legendary Ben Rose. From there Cristina continued to participate in shark research around the world. He has traveled and met scientists, conductors, and behaviorists in the Bahamas, South Africa, Fiji Islands, Rhode Island, California, Florida, North Carolina, China and Mexico.

(source Cristina chose to wear the Antikytherawatches diving watch

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