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Michele Geraci

Italian depth champion SOLO DIVE

The dive undertaken 2 years ago by Michele Geraci, called DiP1, is part of the SOLO DIVE specialty carried out alone, with an open circuit self-contained breathing apparatus and Trimix mixtures, in self contained configuration (all that is needed in terms of gas must be brought with you by the diver without external assistance being able to interact with the diver).
This new record attempt, called DiP2, will be monitored by GUINNES WORLD RECORDS and a large technical and medical staff who will help Michele in the most salient phases of the changes in depth.
The total Run Time of the dive is expected to be just under 13 hours, while the descent to reach the maximum altitude should not exceed 12 minutes.

Michele Geraci born in 1976 in Sanremo and resident in Genoa, he began diving at a young age. He manages to transform his passion into work, first as an instructor then as a professional diver. Federal diving instructor 3rd grade AR, FIPSAS / CMAS freediving instructor and master active in the Federation as Liguria Regional Representative in the "Underwater Education" sector until 2012 and technical consultant for competitive freediving in the "Underwater Activities" sector ”, CMAS international judge and organizer of competitions and depth records in freediving, author of several diving manuals, expert in extreme explorations.

In 1986 he began his activities with ARA and in 1995 he began a career as a diving guide and diving instructor, after years of deep exploration in the air in 1998 he became certified as an instructor for the use of synthetic nitrox and trimix mixtures, in 2000 he received the highest certification of trainer trimix 100. In the same year he approaches the world of rebreathers attending the first course in Italy for the CCR2000 machine.

He dedicates all his time to the exploration of very deep wrecks, with thousands of dives to his credit, a passion that will lead him to enroll at the age of 33 in the course of study in naval engineering at the faculty of Genoa.

In 2005, FIPSAS commissioned him to develop educational programs for mixed diving, from nitrox to hypoxic trimix, leading him to train and patent hundreds of specialty instructors.

Since 2011 he has collaborated with the technical staff of the Italian freediving team for the safety management of athletes in open water, creating the first didactic program for assistants and depth judges.

In 2012 he set the new world record for open circuit depth in complete autonomy, reaching 212.5m in Nice waters and in the same year he was appointed by CMAS as chief judge at the European freediving championships in Turkey.

On 18 July 2014 in Bordighera he established the new Italian record with a dive at 253m and 11 hours of decompression in open water.

From 2015 he joined the FIPSAS Underwater Education Sector Committee and in the same year in Ischia in the first days of October he held the role of Race Director in the first CMAS World Outdoor Freediving Championships.

In 2016 he was appointed by CMAS as chief judge at the second outdoor freediving world championships in Turkey in October and in 2017 he was appointed Race Director at the CMAS European Indoor Freediving Championships in Cagliari.

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